I have some content type with a term reference field (think a magazine site where news are linked to a category).

I must block the node view for a user role, but I don't want to set this access for single node (like tac/tac_lite do), but for single category linked to the node (via term reference field). For example I want that role "FOO" can see node of category "BAR" but not nodes of category "XYZ", where "BAR" and "XYZ" are terms od f the same vocabulary.

My idea is this:

  • add a select list field to the vocabolary's fields (and the allowed values will be the role's ID) so that I can link role to each category/term
  • when a user try to access to a node, I check (via hook_node_access() ) that current user's role is available in the node's category fields (that I have setted in previos step).

Is there a better way ?


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You can do your own implementation of hook_node_access in a custom module. It passes you the node and the user object, so you can check for certain criteria, and limit access appropriately.


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