Making my first website I've been playing a lot with Views recently but I am still struggling to master both Relationships and Contextual filters. I've watched the video trainings provided in the views' section as well as passed through the docs but I think that's not deeper enough. Could you guys suggest some source for studying on this topic - a book, video series, web page ... ? Much appreciated :) BR, Ivan

  • Hi Ivan, welcome to Drupal Answers. I'm afraid that "Requests for tutorials, and other online resources" are not considered to be the right format of question for this site so I'll need to close this. Happily it seems you have a good answer already though, which is great news. For a bit more information please see the FAQ which describes what types of questions are appropriate for Drupal Answers
    – Clive
    Apr 17, 2013 at 15:39

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By all means - start the Taming the Beast screencast series by NodeOne: http://nodeone.se/en/learn-views-with-nodeone-part-1-overview


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