Is there a hook I can use to alter the way comments are rendered? Not for altering the comments form, but the listed comments themselves. Obviously, I can target with CSS, but I was wondering if I can hook into core and change the way they are displayed from there?



You can use hook_comment_view():

The comment is being viewed. This hook can be used to add additional data to the comment before theming.


function hook_comment_view($comment, $view_mode, $langcode) {
  // how old is the comment
  $comment->time_ago = time() - $comment->changed;

Or use a standard theme preprocess hook

function MYTHEME_preprocess_comment(&$vars) {
  // Make changes to $vars that will be available in comment.tpl.php

You can also override the standard comment.tpl.php file in your theme to have full control over the markup.

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