Is it possible to see debugging blocks only for specified role?

IDEA I made special role "theme developer" to see debugging blocks of Omega only for this role. When I check in *admin/appearance/settings/my_subtheme -> Debbugging* options:

  • Enable the debugging (placeholder) blocks for the selected roles.
  • Enable the grid overlay for the selected roles.

and select "theme developer" role debugging blocks will be seen by granted users only.

PROBLEM If I am an administrator I can see debugging blocks even if I'm not in "theme developer" role. Why?

After documentation http://drupal.org/node/1298690 it should work as I wrote in idea but it is not.


If you're user uid=1 (administrator), you'll see everything regardless of role. You may be confusing it with the "administrator" role, which is not the same as the admin user.

  • It can be for uid=1 (for me shouldn't) but I wrote "administrator" not uid=1 or admin user. I know the diffrence. – SebaZ Apr 23 '13 at 4:41

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