I'm trying to pass an argument through a block created by a view.

The node is an ubercart product node. I have aliased the paths such as:

node/45 to products/[name]

In contextual filters, I've chosen the filter "Content: Nid"

In the Preview with contextual filters it works with the node id as it should. e.g. "45" but the view doesn't show on the page node/45.

I believe the alias may have caused the problem, but I thought Drupal was designed to have aliases converted to node id's.


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In your contextual filter, under WHEN THE FILTER VALUE IS NOT AVAILABLE, choose Provide default value and select "Content ID from URL" under Type.

  • Thanks Adam. I figured out you need to do this for blocks.
    – chrisck
    Jul 17, 2011 at 4:04

You can also define an "Exception value" in the "Provide default value" option, like "all" which will bring you all the results.

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