I've looked through forums and modules for a few days trying to find this and nothing seemed to quite fit what I'm looking for. I want to see if this can be done with existing modules before I venture to create my own or hire it out.

A specific content type has a few fields, one of those fields being a taxonomy vocabulary where an author can tag the content with a few terms.

A user can 'subscribe' to those terms on their user profile.

Once a week (or a designated time period), a digest of new content with the terms that a user has subscribed to is sent out via e-mail to the user. If there is no new content, nothing is sent out for the specific user.

One way I thought of doing it is generate a view based on a users taxonomy subscriptions. Some how run through each user and e-mail that view. But, not sure how to even go about starting that.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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