I am trying to use "Special Tokens" in the Webform module (6.x-3.18) on Drupal 6. I'd like the data to populate a hidden field I've created with the email field on the same form.

Under default value for the hidden field I've tried using a number of different values including:

%post[submitted][email]<br />
%post[email]<br />

None of this works. If I go edit the email field, it tells me my key is email. If I look at the name of the email field in the source code it's submitted[email].

If anyone has any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?


In case anyone comes across this, I finally found a thread confirming that Webform tokens in D6 do not support arrays, and I had to apply a patch for the functionality to work.

This is NOT a problem in D7


Patch - http://drupal.org/files/nested_tokens-824606-13.patch

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