When I tested modules in Feb I am sure I got this working but nothing works now; I want the user to be able to upload a KML file when creating a node, and for that to display on a map. I am not even trying to combine multiple, just display each node's KML on an OpenLayers map.

I have tried the following module combinations:


This is giving me an error which may just be an issue with the latest OpenLayers version. Issue on Drupal.org: EPSG fix is needed

OpenLayers KML Layer

The instructions on the module make it sound simple but I have not managed to get this to work.


Module home page suggests that you can set a field to geocode from an uploaded KML file, but I have not managed to get this to work and I do not see any errors.

Does anyone have this working?

Note: I know one can define a static KML layer in admin/structure/openlayers/layers, that is not helpful as I need a person to be able to upload a KML file on a node.

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  • EPSG is fixed in Geofile 7.x-2.x
  • Geofile provides a map formatter for the file field. more instructions

If you don't want to use the new version of Geofile, then go to the module(sites/all/modules/geofile) folder, open geofile.openlayers.inc in a text editor. if 'projection' and 'displayprojection' are assigned just numbers '4326' or '900913' change it to 'EPSG:4326' or 'EPSG:900913'

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