I am trying to change certain Drupal behavior. I have traced this behavior back to a function in RDF core module, and would like to change what it does. The function in question is rdf_preprocess_node().

Getting what I want would seem as simple as removing one or two blocks of code from this function. So that's exactly what I tried doing: I copied the function into my theme's template.php, made the changes, renamed the function from rdf_preprocess_node to THEMENAME_rdf_preprocess_node. This did not work, Devel Themer did not list my THEMENAME_rdf_preprocess_node among the preprocess functions used.

I do not understand why this didn't work. Only other option that I know is to try and dig through what the function affected and undo it, which sounds horrible.

What's a practical way to change what a function from another module does?

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    rdf_preprocess_node() is just an implementation of hook_preprocess_node - rdf_preprocess_node() itself is not a hook.
    – AKS
    Apr 27, 2013 at 14:55
  • @ayesh, to be clear, does that imply that rdf_preprocess_node() cannot be overriden from another module/theme, and I have to implement my own hook_preprocess_node and undo changes made by rdf_preprocess_node()? Apr 27, 2013 at 15:05

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This is actually pretty easy.

All you have to do is implement your own template_preprocess_node(). Then inside, it update the $variables that the RDF module made. If you want to update the header additions that it did, then implement a hook_html_head_alter(), and update those elements.

If you do this from your theme, then these will run after the RDF module. If you do it from a module, then you need to set the weight to be higher than the RDF module.


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