I need a way where someone can visit multiple nodes, add them to a list, and email them in a batch / list to a person. I've looked at ShareThis and AddToAny, and each would seem to do a fine job for a single page, but I need to be able to collect an arbitrary number of pages and then forward them via email when the client is done creating the list.

The "use case" is that a salesman will visit a store, select 3 or 4 items on an iPhone / iPad that they would like to send more information on, and use Drupal to create the list and send the email.

I'm trying to avoid custom coding a solution because my skills are not quite up to the task, and as with everything, deadlines are tight.


Sounds like a job for Nodequeue or Flag and the Printer, e-mail and PDF versions Modules

  • So, I'm tweaking the flag module, and I can see how I can allow users to basically create a "bucket", and I can use VBO to allow them to remove all of the flagged nodes. Now to figure out how to email a list. – G.Martin Jul 15 '11 at 19:11
  • Place the print module block on your flag views for your users to send. – user842 Jul 15 '11 at 19:25

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