I am getting:

access denied   04/30/2013 - 16:56  sites/default/files/styles/thumbnail/public/KRIS... admin

in my error message log when trying to do some file updating. I am guessing this is a permissions problem, but i am running on a local server. How do I change permissions in drupal for access to read/write to the files folder on a mac in terminal?

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Drupal.org has a great guide on permissions.

The TLDR; version.

You can change permissions by opening up your terminal and perform the following commmand:

(sudo) chmod <mode> <path>.

For more information about chmod, check the manpage. Or just perform:

chmod --help


Problem was $conf['image_allow_insecure_derivatives'] = TRUE; in the settings.php file. An update from drupal 7.20.

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    You saved my time +1. I wonder why it has to be so difficult to deal with version upgrades! Sep 16, 2013 at 17:36
  • can you explain a bit more? that line should be there or not there?
    – Dudepal
    Jan 20, 2014 at 15:51

you should give permissions to it using

sudo chmod 777 sites/all/default/files

This would remove the problem of permissions and would give rights for read, write and execute permission to the files folder.

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