I am planning my new website with Drupal 7. The site will have two core features: blog and photos. Blog is no problem and for photos I know how to implement most of my requirements. Except one ;-)

I plan to add a content-type "Photos" (or "Media"). Each photo will be stored in its content. These contents are categorized using a taxonomy so each photo can be in multiple terms (aka albums). For example a whale can be in "Underwater", "Big-fish" and "Salt water". Views with contextual filters will render the "album"-views etc. So far no problem.

What we don't know how to do yet is bulk-upload of images. Any idea would be great. If there is a gallery module or profile that handles that taxonomy thing / dynamic albums it would be an option to.

Idea: Maybe I can define a "Bulk-Upload" content type which is for uploads only. This conent-type has an "image" field set to "unlimited". When creating such a content a Rule will be triggered which creates multiple "Images" contents for it and deletes the "Bulk-Upload" content afterwards. ...sounds possible but a little tricky.

Any ideas?

Thanks and cheers, Marc

  • I would check out the Feeds Module (drupal.org/project/feeds). It can create nodes from remote data files, streams, feeds, etc.
    – Jimajamma
    May 6, 2013 at 1:44
  • Thx for the hint to Feeds. Sounds interesting but I don't see how I should feed it with my local images / zip file?
    – Marc
    May 6, 2013 at 17:53

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To upload more than one image to a field you can change the number of values the field will accept:

number of values

To get a photo album configuration you could also look at the node_gallery module, or roll your own arrangement.

The plupload module will allow you to select multiple images to be uploaded into a single field through one upload process.

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