hey im fairly new to D7 and ive noticed that there isn't really a way to create an article without the admin toolbar, but i would like users of my websites to be able to create articles. How would i do this without giving them access to the toolbar?


Go to admin/people/permissions and check the permission "Article: create content" and maybe on a block create a link for them called create content.


Go to Admin->People->Permissions, check the permission Article: Create new content for the Authenticated user. Scroll down to the bottom and click Save permissions. Now, there will appaear a link "Add content" in the navigation menu for the Authenticated user.

(There should be no need for you to create this link explicitly.)


I had the same problem. The permissions were turned on but I still couldn't see the toolbar.

Solution: The "Add content" link for authenticated users was in the sidebar, not at the top, as it is for administrators. I had to scroll down to see the link.

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