I have been developing a site and I feel that it would work really well as a Drupal distribution. I have no idea about how to create one, but I am familiar with drush make, install profiles etc. What is a Drupal distribution and how do I release one? What are the main benefits?


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Take a look at Packaging a distribution on Drupal.org

Here are the steps:

  1. Assemble the pre-requisites
  2. Create a Drush Make file
  3. Convert to a Drupal.org-specific Drush Make file
  4. Build and verify it works
  5. Commit your code to Git
  6. Release your code on Drupal.org
  7. Maintain your distribution

Another great tutorial How to Write a Drupal 7 Installation Profile

Also there is Profiler Builder module.

Profiler Builder is a module for automating the creation of installation profiles and distributions. It has support for the Profiler installation profile simplifier library but is able to run independent of it (1.0-RC4+). This module creates a downloadable tar package that gives you a well made installation profile and associated drush make file based on the site its installed on.


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