The client needs to be able to upload numerous files to each node. They would like only the new versions of files to be searchable/in the search results and for the previous document versions to be versioned, available on the page but not searchable.

I was thinking of adding a file field type to the content type with unlimited number of values. But I cannot figure out a way to disable the search from searching through the previous version.

Any tips on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

  • are you using apache solr attachments? – frazras May 7 '13 at 8:35

You could try either Revision All

Revision All allows for centralized management of content type revisioning. Revisioning can be turned on/off individually by type or enabled for all simultaneously. There is also support for enabling automatic revisioning of future content types and the disabling of the "create new revision" checkbox on node and/or content type forms.

or Document modules

A Document Management System for Drupal.


  1. Complete integration with Drupal node system. This module adds a custom Node Type, Document. Each Document you create is a Drupal node, and hence enjoys all features available to a node.
  2. Support for Document revisions/versioning - This module allows you to maintain multiple versions/revisions of the same document.
  3. Views 2 Integration - The custom fields added by the module to the Document node type are accessible in Views, plus the module provides some useful out-of-the box Views.
  4. Theming support
  5. Searching - The documents being nodes are fully indexable by the Drupal search system. In addition, the module provides its own custom search for Documents.
  6. A couple of blocks are available for document search that can be placed flexibly in your theme layout.
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  • Thanks for that. I did a fair bit of research but cannot work out how to prevent all versions of the documents apart from the latest from being displayed in the search results. @Nikhil-M – user17147 May 8 '13 at 3:45

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