I have my own module which implements its own schema. I now want to add a column to the table provided by the schema, which I plan on accomplishing via hook_update_N() and db_add_field().

My question is essentially what the title of this question is: after I add the new column to the schema, should the new column also be placed inside the module's hook_schema() implementation? Example (adds a column named mynewcolumn to the schema of the module mymodule):

function mymodule_update_6000() {
  $ret = array();

  db_add_field($ret, 'mymodule', 'mynewcolumn', array(
    'description' => t('This is my new column'), 
    'type' => 'text',
    'size' => 'big',
    'not null' => FALSE

  return $ret;

At this point, do I place mynewcolumn inside mymodule_schema()? Or does mymodule_update_6000() fully take care of proper installation and uninstallation?

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hook_update_N() is only used when updating a module, while hook_schema() and hook_install() are used only when installing a module. Since there are users who install the module, the database field must be also added in hook_schema().


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