On a default taxonomy term page, related contents are automatically paginated by 10.

Let's say those related contents are always nodes and we always display the default teaser view mode.

How can I change the number of node teaser by page without using a module or a view?

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The taxonomy module uses the default_nodes_main variable to decide how many to show per page (this happens around line 55 of taxonomy.pages.inc in case you're interested).

Usually you would implement a custom module and provide a form to override that variable for your users. But you don't have to do that, if you just want to set the variable once and be done with it use one of the following methods instead:

  1. Use Drush (drush vset default_nodes_main 20)
  2. Add a PHP snippet somewhere that will be run in your site (you only need to do it once)

    variable_set('default_nodes_main', 20);
  3. Use the Devel variable editor


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