I'm trying to determine how to add a content pane with an argument to a custom tpl.php file that is adding some other things to the print version. I've done this before with a block, adding in the region that I needed to print out with the block, but in this case I don't think I can just print out "content_bottom" etc.


Example code taken from Programmatically display panels page

$node = node_load(array('type' => 'panel', 'title' =>'Your Node Page Title'));
$panel_node=node_view($node, FALSE, TRUE, FALSE);
  • I seem to remember trying this at some point, but the awkward environment makes it difficult to troubleshoot. At the end of the day I guess I just don't know enough to make this work. The way this appears to reference what it needs to load is the 'title', and I tried 'title' => $print['title'] but I have no idea of knowing if that's the "title" I need. Since its a content pane with an argument I'm just not certain what its expecting there. – G.Martin Mar 14 '11 at 5:41

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