I'd like to achieve the following:

I'd like to give help text for a field in a content type, and I would like to show that help text on the node page as well.

I've looked at $content in page.tpl.php and $variables in theme_field() but these variables doesn't seem to contain these help texts.

How can I make these help texts appear?


You can get access to help by use field_info_instance function in Your template.php

At the beginning let's assume that You have a field called 'spagetti' created in content type 'Article'. Also, in this case, mytheme is Your default theme.

First, edit mytheme's template.php file and put into following code:

* Implements template_preprocess_field
function mytheme_preprocess_field(&$variables) {
  $field_name = $variables['element']['#field_name'];
  if($field_name == 'field_spagetti') {
    //Get help ('description' parameter) of field Spagetti
    $instance = field_info_instance('node', $field_name, 'article');
    //Add new parameter to the field
    $variables['element']['#help'] = $instance['description'];

Now You can get help value from field array.

For example You may to create template for field spagetti: (field--field-spagetti.tpl.php) and render field inside:

$field = $variables['element'];

echo $field['#title'];
echo $field['#items'][0]['value'];
echo $field['#help'];

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