I would like to add a text field to the og_ui_confirm_subscribe form so that applicants can motivate their request to the owner of the group.

I don't have any problem to create the field and attach it to this form through a simple hook_form_alter but I am lost once I have to link the text field to the user of the OG admin...

I've googled but it doesn't seem to be a highly requested feature (only a - brief - mention found in OG 4.7 but this didn't led any further. It's weird since it means that admin are supposed to accept/deny only based on username...

By the way, these OG admin pages are very poor in terms of UI so I might think customizing them with Views & VBO; would this direction be a good way to go to easily get my text field?

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I noticed it is possible to add this field (and others if needed) through the OG settings of the membership (cf. admin/config/group/group-membership/manage/NAME_OF_YOUR_OG_MEMBERSHIP/fields).

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