I have a CCK select list where I defined key|value pairs.

When I execute a node_load for that node, I only get the key (in my case an integer) stored in Drupal.

How can I get the value of that key easily? Is there a Drupal function?

something like, cck_value('field_name',$key) ?

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Node_load will return fully-populated node object.

Value of cck fields in node object are usualy accessed in this way:

 $my_node_object = node_load($nid);
 $myVar = $my_node_object->field_your_field_name['0']['value']

You can see what $node object contain if you do

dsm($my_node_object); // Devel module must be turned on

Hope this helps.


Found this meanwhile http://www.mugginsoft.com/content/getting-allowed-values-cck-field


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