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i have the field "content:path" and i want to output the containing data with php. I use a global php field.

it shows me this:

Available variables

$row->path: Inhalt: Pfad

but the output with print $row->path gives out a number only and not the content path. Then i tried print_r($data) to look for the correct output information. but there i dont found anything about the field: content:path

any solution to get the data of this field to php?


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Indeed, views PhP doesn't always get the processed field and only gives you the nid instead. You have to use $data as you tried (by the way, easier is to dpm($data) than print_r).

if it doesn't give you any info on what you're looking for, you can simply obtain your content:path by using drupal_lookup_path :

$path = drupal_lookup_path('alias', 'node/' . $data->nid);

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