I need to limit the taxonomy terms visible in a field type 'taxonomy term' using the module 'hierarchical_select' when creating a post.

There is a way to do this?

  1. I have a vocabulary called 'cities' in this format:

    • state
      -- City 1
      -- City 2
  2. I have a content type called 'condominiums' and this type of content I have a field called 'city' of type 'taxonomy term' (vocabulary cities) using the HS module.

  3. I have a user with role 'city' and in this paper there is also a field called 'city' of type 'taxonomy term' (vocabulary cities) using the HS module.

  4. I need the user with role 'city' look in the 'city' (when you create a new content) only city that is attributed to him.

Something like:

  1. superadmin user (city 1) can see:

    • state
      -- City 1
      -- City 2
  2. user city (city 2) can see:
    -- City 2

Tanks :)


Workbench Access module might be a great solution for your issue.

Workbench Access creates editorial access controls based on hierarchies. It is an extensible system that supports structures created by other Drupal modules.

The module supports Taxonomy and Menu modules for the management of access hierarchies.

Also, take a look at the current issue for Hierarchical Select module integration with Workbench Access module

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