I have my website built in Drupal 6, and I have used the Views slideshow module for the home page banner which is 960 pixel wide. I need a banner with 100% width to fit the page. Can anybody help me in making it to 100% or kindly suggest any full width banner slideshow module which is compatible with Drupal 6?


Is your website wider than 960px ? ... I have you looked at online CSS tutorials such as Full Screen Background Image Pure CSS Code, or CSS3 cover property for background-images as mentioned here. I think the CSS Only Technique #1 is more what your looking for in your slideshow's inline images.

Anyways, Google will help you alot here. Views Slideshow ships with basic useable CSS, but it's not themed for everyones needs. It's up to you to tweak its CSS as you need. As an example I've previously given here -- taking a Views slideshow and using only css + jquery and changing it to meet client needs.

Sorry I dont know of a module that just does all the themeing for you, views slideshow does do 99% of the work for you by providing a workable slideshow for your site.


Set the container's width to 100%, remove the maximum width, then set the width of .views-field-field-slideshow-image img to 100%.

  • Why was this answer voted down? It appears to be the actual correct answer, though it could use more context. Essentially creating a full width anything in Drupal requires modifying an existing theme's stylesheets or creating a new custom theme. There may be existing themes that support a full width views-slideshow, but finding and listing them is beyond the scope of SE. – Thomas Oct 16 '18 at 21:00

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