In job schedule module, I have bunch of jobs that works, What I want to do is give the admin the ability to stop a certain job as he desires.

The only way I could do is that I could remove the job all together from the table with this:


and I would recreate it again.

But isnt there a way to skip the job instead of deleting and recreating it again? Rules maybe?


I ended up deleting the job and recreating it again.

here is how just incase.

// job_id = the job id in job_schedule table.
// $import_status = weather we want to delete or create a job.
// $importer_type = I had 2 types of importers to switch between.
// $original value = only recreating a job if it was deleted first.

function schedule_conrtol($job_id, $import_status, $importer_type, $original_value) { if ($import_status === 1) { // Deleting a job $job = array('name' => 'job_name', 'type' => $importer_type, 'id' => $job_id ); JobScheduler::get($job['name'])->remove($job); }

if ($import_status === 0 && $original_value === "1") { // Inserting a job $job = array( 'name' => 'job_name', 'type' => $importer_type, 'id' => $job_id, 'period' => 1800, 'periodic' => TRUE, ); JobScheduler::get($job['name'])->set($job); }


and you can control this using hook_node_presave

hope this helps.

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