I am having a bit of trouble figuring out a thing with Drupal Calendar.

I have created a custom content type , with a date field. I display the dates as events in a Calendar style view.

I want to add custom "event" on the day(s) after this event,based on some PHP logic. What would be a starting place to start modfitying it ?

For example: I insert 26th of May as a date (in a node of my custom content type). If the day is Saturday, I want the next day to be also marked in the calendar.

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Since the event is a content type. You could use hook_cron to find expired events and add new event node.

Add node programmatically.

  $body_text = 'Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.';

  $node = new stdClass();
  $node->type = 'article';

  $node->title    = 'Node Created Programmatically on ' . date('c');
  $node->language = LANGUAGE_NONE;

  $node->body[$node->language][0]['value']   = $body_text;
  $node->body[$node->language][0]['summary'] = text_summary($body_text);
  $node->body[$node->language][0]['format']  = 'filtered_html';

  $path = 'content/my-lipsum-' . date('YmdHis');
  $node->path = array('alias' => $path);


How to programmatically create node in drupal 7

  • This might help me continuing my progress. I just have to create the back-end logic so it suit my needs. Thank you ! Commented May 19, 2013 at 10:23

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