I am building a small site for a friend who is getting married and they have their gift list online. Each gift is a node which I am thinking will have a boolean field called something like "bought". The functionality I want to create is that visitors can look at a list of gifts and, if they want to buy something for them they just need to click a button next to it.

So my question is simple, can I change the value of a node field when a user clicks a button?

  • if this is the exact use case, and you don't want to use the contrib module Wishlist mentioned by @molot, this sounds like a great use of the status field already there, eg, upon purchase, unpublish the node.
    – Jimajamma
    May 20, 2013 at 11:30

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There is a ready contrib module: Wishlist.

Other site users can indicate their interest in purchasing an item from a wishlist. When that happens, everybody can see that somebody purchased the item and duplicated gifts are eliminated (or reduced - the wishlist module does rely on people playing nicely together).

If you just want the job done, that's your way to go. If you want to learn, read about node_save() and Form API.

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