Can someone help me by this impasse? I have multiple instances of Drupal running (for now). One is for testing and major changes. It seems that I cannot get past the WSOD on my testing instance. The php.log indicates insufficient memory when database.mysql.inc runs. I've tried my php.ini max memory setting at 256M and even -1 (unlimited) and restarted apache with no better results. I can't run drush, can't access the test site. I'm STUCK!

Can anyone suggest a method to get by this issue to allow me to move forward? BTW - the other instances work just fine with a 128M max.

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There is 3 method to increase your PHP memory limit. They are all outline in http://drupal.org/node/207036

The best way to check your current situation is to create a file in the root directory call phpinfo.php, with these lines of code

  print phpinfo();

Then check the settings by going to http://www.example.com/phpinfo.php


What changed just prior to your out-of-memory issues? If it's a bad module or theme, you can always deactivate it by directly altering database values, namely setting the relevant project's status to '0' in the system table.

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