I have a custom views plugin. When the view is displayed, the javascript below gets loaded. Note the custom method, do_stuff, which gets called from within Drupal.behaviors.

(function ($) {
    alert (indx);
  Drupal.behaviors.mymodule = {
    attach: function (context, settings) {
      if (settings.hasOwnProperty('mymodule')) {
        $('.my-item').each(function(indx, item) {
          // do stuff to each item

I would now like to create a second plugin, which loads a second javascript file. This second javascript file needs access to the custom method, do_stuff. Is there a way I could access the do_stuff code defined in the first javascript file, from within the second javascript file? For example, is there a way to move the custom method inside Drupal.behaviors, so that it could then be accessed from within any other javascript file?

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I use a slightly different JS pattern with Drupal, which is based on the Javascript Module Pattern.

var FOO = (function(me, $, Drupal, undefined) {
  me.name = "FOO";

  function do_something_awesome () {

  me.do_stuff = function do_stuff () {

  function init (context, settings) {

  Drupal.behaviors[me.name] = {
    attach: init

  return me;
}(FOO || {}, jQuery, Drupal));

Anything directly attached to me will be public on the FOO. The rest is private. Typically, I will pass in FOO into the closure in dependent libraries.


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