I've installed the Statistics module (version 7.18) in my Commerce Kickstart 2 store, but I can't find it anywhere in menu.

What should I do to access this module?


After enabling the statistics module, be sure to configure the module (admin/config/system/statistics).

The documentation for the statistics module indicates that:

To enable collection of statistics, the Enable access log checkbox on the Statistics settings page must be checked. This access log is used to store data about every page accessed, such as the remote host's IP address, where they came from (referrer), what node they've viewed, and their user name. Enabling the log adds one database call per page displayed by Drupal.

The Discard access logs older than setting on the settings page specifies the length of time entries are kept in the log before they are deleted. This setting requires a correctly configured cron maintenance task to run.

Enable Count content views to turn on and off the node-counting functionality of this module. If it is turned on, an extra database query is added for each node displayed, which increments a counter.

After configuration, data will begin to be collected for the four reports that statistics provides:

  • Recent hits (admin/reports/hits)
  • Top Pages (admin/reports/pages)
  • Top Visitors (admin/reports/visitors)
  • Top Referrers (admin/reports/referrers)

NOTE: This applies to all Drupal 7 installations. Statistics is a core module and is not specific to Commerce Kickstart 2.

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