I'm trying to use views to show two random nodes for voting on. I would use something like: filter: Node:terms(with depth), fields:Node body/ title, Sort criteria:GLOBAL:random. Now, how can I render two random nodes for voting? Would I have to render them on a custom page-"newpage".tpl.php? I'm thinking if I used a custom template I would make two 50% regions, have them float left/right, have one height:150px region footer for the voting(below the nodes), then maybe use "popups" so it looks cleaner? Any ideas on this? For starters, I'm not sure how I would generate "2" random nodes and have them render in the appropriate "left/right region". Thank you.


Just create them as blocks and place them on a static page together in any region you wish. (Keep it simple)

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  • Could I render both nodes from the same view though? If I rewrite the output link on one node, how would it call itself and another node? Cause, the output link is relative to only one node field. Also, if I called the voting poll, how could it act relative to the two random nodes being displayed? – Graham Jul 19 '11 at 17:07
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    If ur using the voting api and associated voting widget, it should be exposed to views, allowing you to have both voting buttons. Or you could also use views attach. – user842 Jul 19 '11 at 17:15

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