Let's say I have a contact content type with fields address, tel, fax, etc. My task is to create 2 views - with following markup:

First view


Second view


The above is just a simple example, in general I want to know how much control can I get over fields html markup, can I somehow change it depending on view or block that contains the field or even depending on field itself. If so - what is the best way ?

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Here is introduction for views2. To read manuals exactly for your views version, use Advanced Help module.

You can template everything, overriding template files in complex manner.


There are some theme plugins available depending upon the you are using (for example for bootstrap theme, there exists a module named views_bootstrap. So if you can give various formats to your contents.

Also you can change the style settings for each field in views, as shown below: style settings in views

you can change field wrappers, add your own classes to your wrappers etc..

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