How do I redirect the user to some other page, when the view returns empty result?


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In your views No results behavior Choose ' Global: Text area ' choose php filter and add the following code.

 drupal_goto('node/1'); //path to redirect

Better yet do it in your views-view.tpl.php and avoid using PHP in UI like.

  <?php if ($rows): ?>
    <div class="view-content">
      <?php print $rows; ?>
  <?php elseif ($empty): ?>
    <div class="view-empty">
      <?php drupal_goto('some_page'); ?>
  <?php endif; ?>

if you want to pass query to new url use this for goto

drupal_goto('your_url', array('query'=>array(
...... ...

or if you want to goto an anchor on page use this

drupal_goto("node", array('fragment' => $node->nid));

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