i am building a little "show and tell" page, for showing pictures of a room, basically as practice to get into Drupal but the page will be used later.

What i have managed (as it was pretty easy): 1) Generate an custom content type for the room 2) Add fields for the room for the information

But now i got stuck: The users should have the ability to upload multiple pictures within the form (i think pluploads will handle this). The room should then have a gallery for the pictures. How do i add the upload form to the content type and how do i manage to get a gallery in the content type, that shows only the pictures a user added to this post

I tried the media gallery module, but it seems to only have static album pages and can not be embedded in a content type.

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You can configure the number of images the user can upload while creating a node in the field settings (manage fields page of your content type)

Once the images are uploaded you can display them in a slider/carrousel style using modules such as :

Or you can just display clickable thumbnails (and a bigger version in a lightbox.)

You can set the image dimensions in : /admin/config/media/image-styles

You need to tell me more about the way you want your images to be displayed. What version of drupal are you using ?

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