I am using Drupal 7.

I am using access control list module to manage the edit, update and delete permission to specific users. And it is working perfectly.

Now i want the same feature for the comments also, i.e. some specific users should be able to comment and edit the comment.

Same thing i want to achieve with user profiles also. I am using profile2 modules for user profiles. Now i want to allow some specific users to edit my user profile.

Is there any specific module or API function for the same ? Because ACL only allows for node only, where as i want to add this for profile and comments


There's the Comment Permissions module:

The Comment Permissions module enables control of commenting by user role and by node type. Additional user permissions for selected node types are added to the user access system so you can configure commenting with more control than Drupal core provides.

It does have a (dev) Drupal 7 release, it's just not listed on the module page for whatever reason. You can find the archive here.

It will need testing before you can use it in a production site, but it's a very small module and a cursory glance at the code suggests it should work. I used that code as the base for a more advanced comment permissions module (including soft-deleting etc) some time back and don't remember finding any problems with it.

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