I set up a multi value cck integer field for rating purposes. It has values

 3|dont know 

Users voted like so:

3 votes for good
2 votes for bad
4 votes for dont know

I want to make an average from all values. In views 3 I checked grouping and set group type average on cck field inside views. Unfortunately, Instead of 1 result I get 3 results - for every value set in cck field. Results are 1, 2 and 3 which is useless. How it is possible to get only one average number? Thank you

EDIT: the average value works the same way using simple text fields. Views group by in views 3 counts only values that are the same. And it looks like it is known issue http://drupal.org/node/903768

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You could use something like Computed Field to display the average, but I would suggest going to the Voting API and something like the Fivestar module which will handle the voting and the averaging for you.

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