Each time I select a term from the select all the related articles in the page will be listed. The correct link is terms/term-name (taxonomy term alias)

e.g terms/sports will display all sports articles

How do I alter the form submit link?

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Achieved so far

I created master display with 'exposed form in block: Yes' The block is shown up with all the terms I need in the select widget. Now when I select a term from the dropdown the url turns to terms?tid=54 displaying a page with the link to the terms/term-name. but I want to access directly.

All I need is to display at once from the select all the related content

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Create a View with Block display from Taxonomy Terms and at Format Tab choose Jump Menu. If you need to overwrite the Jump Menu path you need to add a custom text field and create your desire path out of Replacement Patterns.

Than select the created custom text field from Jump Menu path settings

  • Thanks, it works however it seems the select elements are overwritten too. May 31, 2013 at 13:12

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