After sharing or like a page on Facebook I want to add userpoints in Drupal 7, how can I do this?

  • You can do this with Rules if you can somehow make sharing or liking a page on Facebook an event within the Drupal system. May 28 '13 at 6:08

First, you need to have your users login to your site using Facebook API. There are many modules for it, two I know and seen used are:

That's the only real way to know "he" on Facebook is "he" on your site.

Then, Facebook will not push it's data to you. So you have 2 cases:

  • Button "like this page on Facebook" on your page - you can detect it being clicked and make a rule for it, as Patrick Kenny told in his comment.
  • Like clicked directly on Facebook - now that's hard. It was discussed on stackoverflow with some apparently good results, and there are tutorials avaliable.

Last but not least - you need to make sure you grant this bonus only once. If not, users could fabricate points by simply repeatedly liking-unliking your page.

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