How can I get the labels of specific fields within a node, in Drupal 7?

The field for which I am interested has the following structure:

    [field_text_question1] => Array(
      [und] => Array(
        [0] => Array(
          [value] => Sales Intern
          [format] => 
          [safe_value] => Sales Intern

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The best way is to use field_info_instance($entity_type, $field_name, $bundle_name) to get information about specific instace of a field. The label of the field is contained in the array returned from that function.

 $info = field_info_instance('node','field_name','content_type_name');
 print $info['label'];
  • i need to use the field_name but with entity translation can i ? i tried that but it's not working Commented Oct 18, 2016 at 11:11

I believe you are looking inside the $nodevariable. It is not available there. Only the field values are store inside the $node variable not the field settings (such as the label). If you want the label look in the $content variable.

$content variable is available in the MYTHEME_preprocess_node(&$variable) theme template function, node.tpl.php, as well as, a few others.

If it is not available, you can call field_info_field($field_name)


The easiest way to print the field label of a node is:

<?php print $content['field_your_field_name']['#title']; ?>

(I've discovered it after a lot of print_r arrays and objects of Drupal! If it's so easy, why isn't explained anywhere, or why is so hidden that I've not found the trick? And passed a long time from the question to this answer...)

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