I am creating a module in the ".install" file, using the following code:

// if not exists, create new content type
if (!node_get_types('type', 'houses')) {
  $info = array(
    'type' => 'houses',
    'name' => t('Houses'),
    'module' => 'node',
    'description' => t('Manager Houses'),
    'locked' => FALSE,
    'custom' => TRUE,
  $info = _node_type_set_defaults($info);

It creates a new content type, but how do I create additional fields (e.g. text, nodereference)?

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Instead of creating the node type and fields by hand in code, you should use the features module which does the same thing, but has support for a bunch of other things as well, like reverting changes made to what is saved in code.


Have a look at programmatically created cck fields. Also see Creating a Compound Field Module for CCK in Drupal 6.x and Programmatically add CCK field to content type.

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