I am building a store based on Commerce Kickstart. I am using one of the original product types and two new product types that I created by essentially copying the field and display settings in the content type and product variations settings. After a lot of fiddling around I have everything displaying properly, except in a couple of places in the check out process.

1) In the cart ( mysite.com/cart# ) the line items that I created display the sku of the item but not a "view product" link. Where can I change this?

cart display issue

2) In the review order page ( mysite.com/checkout/ordernumber/review ) the line items of the product type that I created don't display the item title, while the item type that was there originally does. Where can I change this?

order review display issue

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It's a bit of a gotcha, but I suspect under user permissions, you may need to check the "View products of [type] type" permission for anonymous / authenticated users.

  • I tried this and I did find a bunch of permissions that needed to be checked, but it didn't solve my problem. There are still no names showing up with my line items. Any other thoughts David?
    – Wadelp
    Jun 5, 2013 at 15:44

Ok, I figured it out. The issue was that my product had a title, but the variation didn't have the title field filled out. So once I go to administration>products>find the failing product>edit, then I filled out the title field and saved. Problem fixed. I need to modify the way that I create the product so that both of these title fields get filled out upon product creation.

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