I have a D7 site where users are linked to other users (by References). User profiles are extended using the Profile 2 module and by so, containing some additional fields (phone, email,...).

I want to create a landing page where logged in users can see the info of the connected profile. So a logged in user should see the name, phone and email of the linked account.

I've been trying around for a while, but not able to close this issue.
It's not a matter of permissions, since the direct URL (/profile-representative/16) is accessible by the logged in user. On that page, he can see all the info. It's that info (phone, email,...) I want to get into Views.
But for some reason, it cannot be done by using relationships. At least not by me.

Is there anyone with experience concerning this matter?

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I managed to fix this issue with a combinations of a relationship and a custom formatter.

First, in a (User) view, I created a contextual filter with User: Uid. Of course, no contextual filter will be given at the page, so I provided the default value User ID from logged in user.

Then, I created two relationships. The first one User: Profileand the second one Profile: [your custom name]. The second relationship is created with the first one as relationship.

Next, in my Fields section of my view, I added a Profile field and gave it a custom formatter. By using this custom formatter, I was able to display all the needed data.

If someone is interested in more code, please let me know!

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