I'm using Apache Solr Search, Search API and Facet API.

Is there a way to retrieve the current search filters being used when using Apache Solr on Drupal?

For example: I have a website using facets which reference a taxonomy called colours. In this facet, there's a list of colours - if I select Green, this generates an Apache Solr search - using green as the filter.


When the Solr search is created - I guess, I could grab the term id 2712 from the URL using GET - but there must be a cleaner way.

Any ideas?

  • Which SOLR module are you using (apache_solr or search_api_solr)?
    – Clive
    Commented May 30, 2013 at 16:55
  • I'm using apachesolr, search_api and facet_api - cheers Commented May 31, 2013 at 9:03

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I did it using FacetApiAdapter (see facetapi_adapter_load):

// Get an instance of FacetApiAdapter
$searcher = 'apachesolr@solr' // your apachesolr server id
$facetApiAdapter = facetapi_adapter_load($searcher);

Then if you need to work on active filters:

$activeItems = $facetApiAdapter->getAllActiveItems();
foreach ($activeItems as $item_key => $item) {
  $facet = facetapi_facet_load($item['field alias'], $searcher);

Or you can use other FacetApiAdapter methods.


Sounds like you're writing a module to do this?

If so, if you're implementing something like the apachesolr_query_alter(&$query) hook or something like that, which gives you access to the search query, you can use

function [getFilters][1]($name = NULL)

Note that the name parameter is optional: Returns all filters matching $name, if set; otherwise, returns all filters.

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