A number of images appear to be missing from within body fields of a site. It may have been like this for a while, so it's hard to say why. Folder/file permissions and paths are correct. The site was never moved and oddly, its only happening on some images and not all. Is there any way to detect which ones are missing on an entire site (40,000+ nodes)


You can try the linkchecker module. It does check the source of <img> tags in the body, however it doesn't do it perfectly like it does for <a> tags.

  • If <img> have alt text, it thinks it is fine, even though the link is broken
  • <img> with links like "sites/testing/file/image.jpg" are returned not broken, links like "/sites/testing/file/image.jpg" are returned broken
  • External links work pretty well.

Your best bet is to use Xenu’s Link Sleuth project (windows freeware)

Additional resources: Here is a comparison of the link page modules. Maybe you can find something else. Broken Link Checker thread on drupal.org

  • Looks like Link Sleuth is the one. (Handy little tool)
    – user842
    Jul 20 '11 at 22:20

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