I have two content types, Product In and Product Out. Content types Product In has the title as Product Code, and a field as Model. The content type Product Out has a node reference (Product Code) to Product In, and a field as Customer Name.

I have a view, Product Inventory, with aggregation on. I have two fields:

  • Total Product In (By counting Content types Product In's title)
  • Total Product Out (By counting Content types Product Out's title)

How can I get the outstanding balance which I have inside my inventory?


Balance Tracker creates a balance sheet to display account credits and debits belonging to users. It can be integrated with views.

It also provides UI tools, Views integration, and an API to allow the site administrators or other modules to credit or debit a user's account. This is intended for any website or service which credits users for accounts, sales, or other activities, and needs to track payouts.

I'm not using this before. Hope it helps you!!!

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