I am trying to change the value of a text area field at the end of my submit handler. I have tried using form_set_value and $form['form_id']['#value'] = 'something'; to accomplish this but after clicking the submit button the field never changes. Also the submit button that I am trying to change the field with comes from the file managed form. I also included $form_state['rebuild'] = true; after I set the field's value. Here is my code

function my_module_my_form_submit($form,&$form_state) {

//do something with then file code


$form_set_value($form['value_to_change'], 'update the value, $form_state);

//I also tried

$form['value_to_change']['#value'] = 'update the value';

$form_state['rebuild'] =TRUE

In the form my code is

$form['value_to_change'] = array(
'#type' = 'text area',
'#value' => 'this will change',
  • Try $form_state['values']['YOURFIELD'] it should be working – niksmac Jun 4 '13 at 2:01
  • 1
    Generally accepted place for changing form is validator, not submit handler. Is there any particular reason to do it on submit? – Mołot Jun 4 '13 at 9:12

Just stumbled upon this and it's pretty dead so here's the answer in case OP still cares... turns out @Mołot is right.

The correct way to programatically change a form's submitted value is actually during validation and not during submission.

If you go back and re-read the documentation for form_set_value(), you'll notice that it explicitly says:

Changes submitted form values during form validation.

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