This must be something new because never seen it before now. There is a grey bar with the add content find content and edit shortcuts links on it which completely obscure the tabs for manage field etc in content types.

How can I keep the administration toolbar but remove that grey bar? AND WHY would anyone want it placed in such a way as to block out important regularly used tabs?


It's an incompatibility between administration toolbar and your theme, and maybe overlay if you are using it. No one placed it like that on purpose, it's just a clash between 3 sets of CSS each written without knowing how other will look.

You can try one or many of the following:

  • Use Administration menu instead of toolbar.
  • Use Shiny as admin theme
  • Toggle overlay - if it's on, maybe without it it'll be OK? If it's off, maybe it'll help?
  • Create a subtheme and deliver CSS that will position stuff the way it should be for your particular case. Firebug or Chrome are good for fast prototyping your fix.
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