I have enabled the necessary i18n and l10n modules and I have been able to translate content without any trouble. I am now trying to translate some drupal commerce products. Using the title module I replaced the title of the product with a title field.

The product translations are showing correctly on the product display and cart pages but I also created a view with some products. For some reason the product title doesn't get translated in the view. The add to cart button does get translated however.

How can I get my products to show the correctly translated title in my view like they do on the product display page?

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Found a solution. I rewrote the results of the Commerce Product: Title Field and used the replacement pattern [title_field]. The translation then showed correctly.


You are not the only one dealing with this complete trans did not happen in D7. Try this contrib module, Title.

While working on the new content translation system for Drupal 7, we (the Drupal core i18n team) faced the need to convert node titles to the Field API in order to make nodes fully translatable.

We were not able to make this happen in Drupal 7 core ... so we decided to find a solution for this in contrib: the idea is replacing node titles with fields à la Automatic Nodetitles.

This will be exploited by the related Entity Translation project.

  • Thanks for your response but in my question I already stated that I am using the Title module Jun 6, 2013 at 20:44

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