I would like to add a jQuery hover effect to a view of thumbnail images (the content type consists of an image field). The effect that I would like to add can be seen here:

Code: http://www.freshdesignweb.com/responsive-portfolio-gallery-with-jquery-tutorial.html Example: http://elegantthemes.com/preview/Evolution/

It consists of an overlay that appears when the user hovers on an image. I would like the overlay to have links to the image itself (so the user can comment) and to open a larger version of the image in a lightbox.

I just cannot find an easy tutorial to add this. Anyone with good suggestions? Or with some time to show me the steps to implementing such an effect?


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I would do it with adding a custom theme to that view How to apply theme to a view drupal 7 to make the views output to match with your tutorials HTML structure and add .js files as recommended.

When it goes advanced you can try creating a views style plugin so that you can add this jQuery effect directly from your views page.


How to create a Views style plugin for Drupal?

How to properly implement hook_views_plugins?


Code per Views Display


  • Add custom CSS or JS code to each display.
  • Serve code either as inline or from file.

Use Cases

CPV is useful in cases where:

  • you want to allow views admins to theme a particular display without granting them access to theme files;
  • you want to apply CSS and JS code to a display across all themes;
  • you want to apply CSS and JS code to a display without modifying an existing theme or creating a sub-theme.

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