I've got a question on the use of the hook_webform_submission_presave function for D6/webform 6.x-3.4

I've got a multi-lingual D6 site that has one webform for each language, I'm trying to create a new module that will catch the submitted form info and send it to a third party email marketing company (the forms are newsletter signups and the third party is cheetahmail).

My specific question is: Currently I have 6 webforms on my site, and I need to send info to identify which language the signup has come from.

Do I have to write a hook for each language/form ID? or is there a way I can set up an admin panel and list the webform IDs that I'd like to hook?

Thanks for the help, please let me know if I need to provide more detail Steph

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Ok, So I've figured this one out:

function cheetahmail_webform_submission_presave($node, &$submission) {
Do something here

Without calling a specific form, will effect all webforms. in my specific instance, i'm trying to catch the submitted/validated info before it enters the DB.

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